Fluted Raised Game Pie Mould Pan / Hinged Pork Pie / Pate Tin;

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Updated 14th October 2015: NEW LIMITED STOCK ORDERED; DELIVERY DUE 25th OCTOBER. Please call 01584 877747 to Reserve. Or Email info@ludlowcookshop.co.uk. Please note we send this item recorded delivery. Old fashioned Raised Game Pie Mould and Raised Oval Pate Mould. Traditionally hand made in France, non-stick steel fluted mould for elegant results. Dimensions 21cm x 14cm x 9cm. Create authentic looking pies using pheasant, grouse, partridge or with red meats like venison, hare or rabbit for truly irresistible flavours. Bake sumptuous pates, pork pies or meat loaves in these too. Remove your game pie or pork pie easily by releasing the clip-fastened sides. Handwash recommended.

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French professional hand made fluted Game Pie Mould/Pate/Pork Pie Tin. Non-stick surface, with a removable base and clip fastening ends. Very rare item. Please note that whilst brand new, these game pie moulds occasionally do not look perfect and we believe this is why they have almost become extinct. We call them 'organic.' Each game pie tin is hand-made using clamps which sometimes leaves marks on the rim. These in no way affect the performance of the mould. Limited stock so please call the shop to reserve yours. For recipe suggestions and ideas please see: Michel Roux's book "Pastry" published by Wiley. Tel: 01584 877747